Release 26 - Trace/Task Overhaul and Custom Staff Assignments


Traces and Tasks Overhaul

In our original model, traces were used throughout the sales workflow and tasks were used in event execution. In reality, having two separate systems was confusing for our users to implement. In this release, we have combined these into tasks. The new tasks combine the features of both traces and tasks into one system.

  • Tasks will now have types (previously only traces had types). Task types are optional, but if you use them they can be used for filtering and reporting. If your sales team reports on number of follow up calls, number of emails, etc, you'll want to use task types. Please note that if you had already created and were using trace types, those have been applied to the new tasks.
    • If you would like to add or edit task types, the Sys Admin on your account can do this. It's in Admin > Events > Reference Data -- right where the trace types used to be.
  • Tasks are now assigned to individuals rather than staff assignments. Please note that because of this change, existing task templates will need to be updated to choose which user the tasks should be assigned to.
  • All users except calendar viewers and operations will have access to the new Tasks page. This dashboard allows you to view tasks across all events, accounts, and contacts with lots of filtering and mass edit options.
  • We've improved task templates:
    • We've added two more options for the relative due date: due when the template is applied, and due X days after the event is created.
    • Tasks in templates may now be assigned to specific users.
    • You may choose a template to apply when you create an inquiry or event.
    • Each user may choose a default template to apply when they create an inquiry or event.
  • We've added additional notification options:
    • Task assigned to me
    • My task completed
    • My tasks due (a daily digest of your tasks due today or overdue)
  • Any traces or tasks which are already created in your account have been converted to the new tasks, and you'll be able to find them on the Tasks page or on the tasks tab associated with its event, account, or contact.

For more information:

We're also going to hold a short webinar walking you through the new features - we'd love to have you attend!

Task Management in VenueOps
Monday, April 16, 3:00-3:30pm
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Custom Staff Assignments

Up until now, we have had three standard staff assignments for each of your events: sales manager, catering sales manager, and event coordinator. With this release, you'll have the flexibility to create your own staff assignments: manager on duty, AV manager, etc.

We have an overview article up on the help desk explaining this new feature here. For those of you who are making this transition, here are some details:

  • Permission role is now separate from staff assignment. Just because a user has the Sales Manager role does not mean that they'll appear in the Sales Manager drop down; they'll have to be assigned to the Sales Manager staff assignment.
  • So that this is a seamless change for you, we have created three custom staff assignments which match the standard ones which have been on your account (sales manager, catering sales manager, and event coordinator). Any user which has one of those roles has also been assigned to the corresponding staff assignment.
  • If you are happy with those three staff assignments and who is in your drop down list, you don't have to make any changes. But if you don't need, for example, Catering Sales Manager, you can remove it from your account. Or if you have users which need the Sales Manager functionality but aren't actually Sales Managers, you can remove them from that staff assignment. See this article for information on editing staff assignments.
  • Because staff assignment is now separate from the permission role, there is no functional difference between Sales Manager and Catering Sales Manager. We have removed the Catering Sales Manager role, and any user who had only the Catering Sales Manager role has been assigned the Sales Manager role.
  • Because these staff assignments are custom to your account, we'll need to update any reports that are pulling in this information.

With the updates to staff assignments and the changes to contact roles last release, we've scheduled a webinar to discuss how those features work and how they work together.

Staff Assignments and Client Roles: Keeping Track of your Event's People
Friday, April 13, 3:00-3:30 PM EDT
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Start of Week Setting

You are now able to set what day of the week you would like your monthly calendar to begin with. Prefer a Monday start? You can do that! This is an account-wide setting and will affect your monthly and avails calendar display as well as monthly and avails calendar exports. If you're a System Admin, you can update this in the Admin console (see this article for instructions). This should also resolve issues which non-North American clients were having with their calendar display.


  • We've done some rearranging on the navigation - Calendar is now listed first and we've removed the Overview page. This page wasn't getting the use that we thought it would, so the functionality has been moved to other areas of the program:
    • To see events which need to be assigned staff, we can assist you in setting up an events list view, sorted by the staff assignment so that "empty" events are at the top.
    • Contract approval will all happen on the event's contracting page. To see a list of events awaiting approval, we can assist with an events list view filtered by the contract status "awaiting approval".
    • All reports are available on the Reports page.
    • Tasks now have their own page.
  • Our pre-built reports have been moved into the Insights module. This allows us to customize the reports for your venue, and allows you to limit which users view these reports. We will be applying these reports to accounts in the days following the release. If you depend on a report and need it before we've rolled it out to you, don't hesitate to call or email and we'll get that to you right away!
    • Since staff assignments are now custom to each account, we need to add those to reports individually. Please let us know of any staff assignments you would like to be included in a report.


  • You are able to edit the time for all events in a series at once - just open the series slider and click the clock.
  • We've added a "view on the calendar" link to the header on the event details page.
  • If you update your events' contract status from the calendar, we'll now prompt you to confirm the event when you change an event to "contract signed". This will change all space statuses without conflicts to confirmed, thus changing the event status to confirmed as well.
  • You may now show an event's expected attendance on the calendar. This is pulling from the attendance field on event details > financials > estimates.
  • Proposals and contracts can now be sent to more than one person at a time. Please note that one email will be sent, with all recipients in the "to" field.
  • We've added "select all" check boxes when you filter your calendar and events list by event type, lead source, or market segment.
  • When you open the search slider, you'll now see a list of your recently viewed events, accounts, and contacts. Please note that this information is stored locally in your browser, so you won't see the same recents if you switch between your computer and your phone.


  • Events with the setting "hide details from non-bookers" on will now be included in the iCal feed, but the event name will simply be "Event" (just as on the calendar). Any details you have displaying in the calendar view will be included for these events.
  • The Change Room slider was listing all rooms in all venues, even if a user did not have access to a venue.
  • In the Event List, if the last booked space was booked past midnight, that time was not listed as the end time.
  • The Cost to Venue and Total Cost to Venue merge fields on document templates will now pull in information correctly.
  • When you're adding times to items or instructions, you are now required to add a start time.
  • "Copy Details from Another Event" issues:
    • Functions not assigned to a room were not listed and thus could not be copied.
    • Food and Beverage were not copied when they were assigned to event-wide details. This was something we missed when we added departments, because prior to departments, you could not add F&B to event-wide details. We've also added an F&B section so that you can see these items when you're grouping by category type.
  • In Artist Research, the search field was not automatically selected on mobile.
  • When editing a custom avails view, you could save a view without a name.
  • When downloading Event Orders, the "next two weeks" filter was causing confusion. So we renamed it to "current week and next week" to clarify.
  • On lower resolution screens (including tablets), the function mass editor on the event details page will now scroll horizontally.
  • In Safari on iPad, the fields were not visible on the function mass editor on the event details page.
  • On the Edit Spaces slider, users without edit access were able to click a time and access the edit time slider. Their changes were not saved, but we've removed that access.
  • On Event Details > Booking > Spaces, spaces booked past midnight were not ordered after others.
  • The My Event Lost notification was not triggered when the event was uncancelled. But just a heads up that we can't filter whether the event was originally marked as cancelled or marked as lost, so if any event you are assigned to is uncancelled you'll get a notification.
  • In Chrome, the price column was overlapping the additional taxes column on the Edit Item Prices slider.
  • Changes made on the series mass editor were not reflected in the summary slider until you reopened it.
  • If you attach an event to a task, the account will have to match the event account.
  • On the event details page, contact roles and phone numbers will now right align.
  • There were several places where a dollar sign was hard coded and would not adjust if your account used a different currency. We think we've found and fixed all of those spots, but please let us know if you see any others!
  • If you are viewing a single space on the monthly calendar, the event box will color based on the space status for that day.
  • Combos now cannot be created with spaces in different venues.
  • Users with the Director of Events or Event Coordinator roles cannot add events to series via the event details page any more.
  • We tweaked how items and instructions are sorted by time.
  • On mobile, the status picker circles weren't aligned correctly.

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