Staff Assignments for Events and Functions

Permissions needed:
  • Sys Admin to set up Staff Assignments
  • Venue Specific Access > Edit Event Staff Assignments to assign Event Staff Assignments
  • Venue Specific Access > Detailing > Edit to assign Function Staff Assignments

Every venue has key personnel for each event and often has key personnel for each function within an event. Event and function Staff Assignments allow you to create specific responsibilities and then assign the staff member who will be fulfilling those responsibilities for the event or function.

Typical event staff assignments are:

  • Sales Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • AV Contact
  • Manager on Duty
  • CVB Rep

Typical function staff assignments are:

  • House Manager
  • Manager on Duty
  • Security Supervisor
  • Guest Services Supervisor
  • Banquet Captain

Set up Staff Assignments

Event and function staff assignments are created and potential users are added to each staff assignment by the System Admin on your account. Event and function staff assignments are two separate lists. Users can be assigned to event staff assignments, function staff assignments, or both, depending on their role and the event. In order to assign staff to an event, they must have an active VenueOps user account.

As you create staff assignments on your account, you will also select which staff work at which venue. If a venue doesn't have anyone selected for a certain staff assignment, that assignment will not display on events that are booked in that venue. This will help keep the event details page uncluttered.

Please see Create and Order Staff Assignments for instructions on how to get staff assignments set up and ready to use.

Assign Staff Assignments

Staff are assigned to an event on the event's details page. On the overview tab, click the assignment and select the staff member.

Staff are assigned to function staff assignments on the function's details tab, which is accessed on the event details page > Detailing tab.

Using Staff Assignments

Staff assignments can be used in many ways:


You are able to get an email notification when you are assigned to an event or function.

You can choose to receive notifications when certain changes are made to events you are assigned to. These are triggered via the event staff assignment, not the function staff assignment.

To select these notifications, click on your name in the upper-left corner and select My Settings. Click My Event Notifications to choose which notifications you'd like to receive. See Email Notifications About Activity in Your Account for more information.