Creating a Task Template

This article will walk you through creating a task template.

  1. Click check_circle_outline Tasks.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Click the blue-circled + icon.
  4. Type a name for the template.
  5. Enter the information for your template's task(s).
    1. Type a title for the task.
    2. Set a relative due date. You can set it to a specified number of days after the task is created, before the start of the event, after the end of the event, or after the date the event was created.
    3. You can set the task's type from the dropdown. (Optional)
      If you want to remove a type that has been set, you can click the X icon.
    4. You can assign the task to one or more users by clicking Unassigned to open the assign user slider. If users are assigned, it will show the number of assigned users (e.g. 3 assigned). (Optional)
  6. Click Add Task to add additional tasks to the template.
  7. Click the + add icon next to a task to add a dependent task. Dependent tasks are not created until the task they are dependent on is marked complete.
  8. Click the X next to a task to remove it from the template. Be careful: all of its dependent tasks will be removed, as well.
  9. When you have the template tasks set up as you would like, click Save.

Your new template has been created.

For more about using your task templates, please see the following articles:

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