★ Task Management in VenueOps

In VenueOps you are able to track everything that needs to be done or has been done as a part of the event life cycle via Tasks. You can:

  • Schedule reminders to follow up with leads.
  • Record sales notes.
  • Track due dates for contracts, insurance, room layouts, menus, and other event information.
  • Remind yourself to follow up with promoters about aging holds.
  • Create a complete event checklist, from confirming details with the client to scheduling staff to finalizing the event afterwards.

The sky's the limit!

Check out our video overview of task management in VenueOps, as well!

The topics covered in this article are:

Task Types

Before you get started with tasks, you may wish to add task types to your account. If an account has task types, one will be required for each task. Tasks types can be used to filter task views, as well as track sales activity (such as Inquiry Call, Account Service, Prospecting, and Business Opportunity). For step-by-step instructions, please see the full article.

Viewing Tasks

All tasks may be viewed on the Tasks page. The page defaults to incomplete tasks assigned to you. You are also able to filter your view to see complete tasks, only tasks of specific types, tasks assigned to others, tasks which you created, and more.

You may also view tasks associated with a specific event, account, or contact on that item's details page.

For more information on the tasks page:

Creating Tasks

To add a single task, click the + add icon on any of the task pages. You'll be able to enter a future to-do or log steps that you've already taken.

You may also create Task Templates. Task templates are groups of typical tasks which you can apply to an inquiry or event at any time - when you create it or later when the event is confirmed. Users who book events can choose a default template which will be applied whenever they create an event. Task templates can be created by users with the Edit Task Templates permission.

Editing Tasks

If you need to edit a task, simply click the task to open its details slider, then click the edit pencil icon to open the edit task slider.

You may also update multiple tasks on any task page by clicking the mass edit icon. You'll then be able to complete, incomplete, and reassign multiple tasks easily.

Click to see context on the page.

Completing Tasks

To complete a task, you may simply check the box in your task list. If you would like to add notes about the task, click the task to open its details slider and click Complete. You'll be able to add a result and also edit the completion date.

Task Notifications

You may also receive notifications about tasks that you've been assigned or which you have created:

  • Task Assigned to Me: You will receive an email whenever someone creates a task and assigns it to you.
  • My Task Completed: You will receive an email whenever a task is completed which was either assigned to you, or which you had created and assigned to someone else.
  • My Task(s) Due:This email is a daily digest of your tasks due.

For more details and instructions on how to turn on notifications, see this article.

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