Filtering the Task View

To view all of your tasks or tasks assigned to others, you may use the Tasks page. By default, this page displays your incomplete tasks.

For other viewing options, click the filter_list filter icon in the upper-right to open Filter Tasks slider. Here you may:

  • Choose whether you'd like to view incomplete tasks, complete tasks, or both.
  • Choose whose tasks you'd like to view. We have presets for Me, Anyone, or Unassigned. You can also select Selected Staff Members to select specific users.
  • Filter to only view tasks which you've created. Combining this filter with the option to view selected staff members' tasks allows you to view the status of tasks which you have delegated to others.
  • Filter by type of tasks, such as viewing only sales tasks versus viewing only operations tasks.

Your selected filtering options are displayed with chips in the header. To remove a filter, click the X on its chip.

While we don't have saved views for tasks, your filtering selections will be remembered in your browser, so you won't have to choose them each time you visit the Tasks page.

Each event, account, and contact details also has a tasks tab. These tabs default to all the tasks associated with that event, account, or contact, but you have the same filtering options here as on the main tasks page.

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