Mass Editing Tasks

You are able to mass complete, uncomplete, delete, and reassign tasks on any task page - either the main task page or the task tab on any event, account, or contact.

To mass edit tasks:

  1. Click the mass edit icon to enter mass edit mode.
  2. Select the tasks you wish to edit. You may also toggle the checkbox at the top to select/deselect all tasks on the current page.
  3. Click the icon for the action you wish to take:
    • people The user icon allows you to reassign the selected tasks to different users.
    • check_circle The filled-in check circle will complete all selected tasks.
    • check_circle_outline The regular check circle will uncomplete all selected tasks.
    • delete The trash can will delete all selected tasks. This is permanent and cannot be undone!
  4. When you have completed all of your edits, click Done to exit mass edit mode.

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