★ Task Management in VenueOps (Webinar)

Recorded 6/12/2019

In VenueOps you are able to track everything that needs to be done or has been done as a part of the event life cycle via Tasks. You can:

  • Schedule reminders to follow up with leads.
  • Record sales notes.
  • Track due dates for contracts, insurance, room layouts, menus, and other event information.
  • Remind yourself to follow up with promoters about aging holds.
  • Create a complete event checklist, from confirming details with the client to scheduling staff to finalizing the event afterwards.

The sky's the limit!

In this 45-minute webinar we’ll walk you through task management, including creating tasks, creating and applying task templates, task dependencies, adding notifications, task page filtering, and more.

In this recording, we were using a new webinar product. Some users were experiencing video issues, which fortunately did not affect the quality of the recording. If you notice a bit of a jump cut near the beginning of the video, that's where we cut out as much of the troubleshooting as possible. We'll replace this recording after our next session!

Due to the release of VenueOps 35, the VenueOps you see in this recording will look different than the version you are currently using. While most of the functionality will be the same, the way you get to the templates page has changed: click Templates at the top of the tasks page. We are working on getting our recordings updated as soon as possible.

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