Rounding of Charges

At times, you may notice that if you total event charges as displayed on the event financials page or in your Insights reports/dashboards, it may be a digit off from the displayed total. This is due to how we round charges for display in the UI and on reports.

We store each item and rental rate in an unrounded state, which could be three or more decimal places depending on your taxes and service charges. When you load a page or report with financial information, the application looks at the stored unrounded number and then displays the number rounded to the correct number of decimal places for your currency (or as specified in your report).

The totals row does not total the rounded numbers in the display. It is totaling the unrounded numbers stored in the database. This is why, on occasion, the totals row can be off by a digit and seem to not be adding correctly.

The event balance is stored in the database in a rounded state (rounded to the number of decimal places allowed in your currency). This is necessary because payments can only have that number of decimal places, and we need to be able to accurately calculate the amount due for the event.

Do you have any additional questions or need further clarification? Please don't hesitate to contact us.