What is tracked in the activity log?

These are the changes we track for events and accounts:

Tracked Event Changes

  • Event Booked
  • Event Booked Definite
  • Booking Date Moved
  • Booked Space Date or Time Changed
  • Booked Space Room Changed
  • Booked Space Removed
  • Booked Space Added
  • Booked Space Status Changed
  • Event Cancelled
  • Event Uncancelled
  • Event Lost
  • Event Finalized
  • Event Un-Finalized

Tracked Account Changes

  • Invoice Sent
  • Invoice Removed
  • Payment Added
  • Payment Changed
  • Payment Removed
  • Credit Added
  • Credit Changed
  • Credit Removed

For instructions on how to access the activity log and and to see what information is included in each log, please see this article.

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