How can I see the history of an event or account?

We track critical changes to each event and account in the activity log. To view an activity log, go to the details page for the event or account. Click the more_vert menu icon and select View Activity Log.

On the event details page.

On the account details page.

The activity log lists an entry for each critical change. Underneath each action taken is the date and time of the action, as well as the user who took the action.

Note: All log messages will use your custom status names.

Action Log Message
Event Booked Event Booked
Event booked Definite Event booked Definite*
Booking Date Moved Booking moved from [original date] to [new date]
Booked Space Date or Time Changed Booked space [room name] changed from [original date and time] to [new date and time]
Booked Space Room Changed Booked space on [booked space date and time] moved from [original room] to [new room]
Booked Space Removed Booked space [room name] on [booked space date and time] removed
Booked Space Added Booked space [room name] added on [booked space date and time]
Booked Space Status Changed Booked space [room name] on [booked space date and time] changed from [original status] to [current status]
Event cancelled Event cancelled
Event un-cancelled Event un-cancelled
Event marked as lost Event lost
Event finalized Event finalized
Event un-finalized Event un-finalized
Action Log Message
Invoice Sent Invoice [invoice number] sent (invoice total [total] with [balance] balance due)
Invoice Removed Invoice [invoice number] removed (invoice total [total] with [balance] balance due)
Payment Added
Payment [reference number] of [amount] on [payment date] added
Payment Edited Payment [edited reference number] of [edited amount] on [edited payment date] changed
Payment Removed Payment [reference number] of [amount] on [payment date] removed
Credit Added Credit of [amount] on [credit date] added
Credit Edited Credit of [edited amount] on [edited credit date] changed
Credit Removed Credit of [amount] on [credit date] removed
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