Release 27 - Sending Emails from your Email Address


  • When you send avails, proposals, contracts, and other documents from your VenueOps account, the from address is "" and the reply-to address is the email address associated with your VenueOps account. This ensures that you receive any replies, but many users understandably prefer to have their own email listed in the from. In this release we have implemented DKIM, a protocol which allows you to do this. For more information, please see this article.
  • Blackouts and internal events are now separate concepts in VenueOps. Internal confirmed events had been functioning as blackouts (blocking off space which cannot be used for events) and internal tentative events were used for internal events (staff meetings, etc). These are now distinct flags with their own filtering, color coding, and avails behavior.
    • Only confirmed blackouts will show on avails. Tentative blackouts and any internal events will not display on avails.
    • We are updating your events to reflect this new functionality. Any confirmed internal event will now be a confirmed blackout. Tentative internal events will remain tentative internal, but you can now confirm those as needed. Your avails should be unchanged from before the release.
    • In addition, we've tweaked the color coding options for the calendar, so that you can set a different color for tentative internal, confirmed internal, tentative blackouts, and confirmed blackouts.
    • For all the details about blackouts and internal events, please see this article.
  • We've added an additional way to export your avails. You are now able to copy a list version of your avails to your clipboard and paste them into an email or other document. If you've ever wanted to export less than a month of avails, edit your avails, or include times in your avails, this feature is for you! For all the details, see this article.
  • Each user is now able to set default rooms. These rooms will be auto-filled on the Add Event form once dates have been selected, but you can always edit rooms before the event is booked. These can be set in My Settings; see this article for step-by-step instructions.
  • Sys Admins may now customize the order of room groups and rooms.This order will be reflected in the Select Rooms slider as well as on the grid, day, and avails calendar views. Instructions are in this article.
  • We have also implemented in-app messaging so we won't need to send you so many emails:
    • For advance notice of releases, server maintenance, and other system issues, you will see a broadcast message pop up in your left sidebar. Just click on it to open the message slider and view the message. Once you've viewed the message, the alert will disappear from your sidebar, but you can view any current broadcast messages by clicking your name in the upper left corner and selecting Broadcast messages.
    • You may also see occasional banner messages. We'll use these after releases to let you know about new features and to point you to the release notes, announce webinars, etc. Just click the X in the banner to dismiss it!


  • We've updated our status color coding options - balance due, paid in full, internal, and blackout are no longer stand-alone options. They are listed as options under definite and tentative, so you can continue to color them independently or, for example, color all tentatives alike (regardless of financial status). You can also color your tentative internals and blackouts differently than you confirmed internals and blackouts.
  • You can now copy price schedules - instructions here.
  • You may now show the series name on the calendar (available in the calendar display options).
  • On the event details page and on the grid or day calendar view, we had separate sliders when you edited a room's status or date/time, or changed the room itself. We've consolidated all those sliders into one Edit Booked Space slider.
  • On the Series Edit Time slider, you can now edit the time for individual spaces.
  • You'll now be able to see venue information on the event details page as well as in the event and function lists. This will be especially useful for inquiries.
  • When sending avails for months with six weeks, those should now fit on one page (although if event names are shown and there are multiple events on a single day, it may still overflow to another page).
  • For those of you using the contract approvals process with uploaded contracts, we've updated the slider so that the workflow is clearer and so that you can add a comment when approving the contract.
  • On the function list, functions on cancelled events are now hidden by default. In the filter options slider you can choose to display them.
  • For Sys Admins, you'll now see some users labeled as pending or inactive.
    • Pending users are ones whose account has been created but the user never activated it by creating a password. For these users you'll have the option to resend the activation email or deactivate the invitation.
    • Inactive users are ones have been active in your account but their account has been deactivated.


  • The back-calculated tax feature (for VAT and GST) will now work correctly.
  • Inquiries and Series: You will now no longer be able to add inquiries to series. This is because the series editing functionality depends on having a booked space, and inquiries do not have bookings. This is an issue we found when migrating accounts from our Classic product. We don't think any of our "native" VenueOps clients are adding inquiries to series, but if you are we'd love to hear from you so that we can be sure to address your needs.
  • Calendar views which were filtered by account were not filtering correctly in iCal feeds.
  • We've updated some of our activity log messages to be clearer and to include pertinent information. For a complete list of what we're tracking for each event, please see this article. Please note that past logs will not be changed - these will be the messages going forward.
  • When duplicate accounts are merged, notes from both accounts will now be kept.
  • We had some issues with custom event and function lists when account information changed:
    • If a room in a view was inactivated, the events in that inactive room were still displaying. Now they will not.
    • If you removed staff assignments from your account, custom views did not work correctly.
  • Lost events were being labeled as Cancelled on the calendar.
  • You were unable to edit a task if the assigned staff member's user account was inactivated.
  • Creating and editing invoices failed if a booked space had been removed without updating the rental rates.
  • When creating a function and using the default times, the function would not create because the times were not seen as valid.
  • When you use the Add Event form to add space or time to an existing event, the task template section will now be hidden. This way if you have a default task template set, you won't accidentally apply it to the event twice.
  • The ability to remove uploaded proposals and contracts is now consistent with the functionality for proposals and contracts created in VenueOps.

Known Issues

  • When you tap copy to clipboard on either the summary slider or the avails list on an iPhone in Safari, the keyboard will briefly open. The copy function still works as expected; this is an issue within Safari.

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