Blackouts and Internal Events

You are able to flag events as being either a blackout or as internal. Applying these flags affects how the events appear on your avails, allows you to specify color coding and filtering on the calendar, and allows you to filter these events out of your event reporting.

How would you use these flags?

  • Blackouts are used to block space which should not be booked, such as during maintenance, ice installs, police/security training, or to block off space during other events. Blackouts can be tentative or confirmed. Operations teams can plan their capital projects via tentative blackouts so they can get them on the calendar and communicate these to other teams, Then, once plans are firm they can confirm the blackout. Tentative blackouts will not show on your avails, but confirmed ones will.
  • The internal flag is used for staff meetings, trainings, and other events which are venue-related. Internal events can also be tentative or confirmed. No internal events will show on your avails.
If you'd like to put an fyi on the calendar, maybe about a holiday or another event in the community, but not block space, you can add a calendar note. Please see Calendar Notes for more information.

To book an event as a blackout or internal, simply check the appropriate box as you book the event:

If you would like to update an already-booked event, you can do so either on the event details page or from the summary slider on the calendar.

On the summary slider, click the more_vert more info menu and select Edit Info:

On the event details page, click the edit pencil by General Information:

In the Edit General Info slider, select the appropriate flag and save.