Downloading an Editable Avails List

In addition to a monthly avails calendar, you are able to copy an avails list in text form. This list gives you the ability to:

  • Export a specific date range
  • Include event times
  • Edit avails before sending

The list avails obey visibility settings on events as well as avails options.

To copy an event list:

  1. Go to the avails view on the calendar.
  2. Click the list_alt list icon in the upper-right.
  3. In the slider, you can update the date range for your avails and also which room is shown (one room is listed at a time).
  4. When the date range and room are set, click Copy to Clipboard.
  5. Go to your email or document and paste the avails list by either:
    • Using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V on Windows or ⌘+V on Mac.
    • Right-clicking, then selecting Paste from the context menu.

Your avails list will be pasted.

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