Downloading an Editable Avails List

In addition to a monthly avails calendar, you are able to copy an avails list in text form. This list gives you the ability to:

  • Export a specific date range
  • Include event times
  • Edit avails before sending

The avails list obeys visibility settings on events as well as avails options.

To copy an avails list:

  1. Go to the avails view on the calendar.
  2. Click the list_alt list icon in the upper-right.
  3. In the slider, you can update the date range for your avails and also which room is shown (one room is listed at a time). The avails list can be up to 366 days long!
  4. Check Show Detail to display more options.
    • You have two options for Holds Display:
      • Show Tentative events exist: does not display event types of the tentative events.
      • Show Tentative types: displays the event types of the tentative events.
    • You also have two similar options for Events Display:
      • Show Definite event: does not display event types of the definite events.
      • Show event types: displays event types of the definite events.
  5. Check Show Times if you want times that are booked to display on the avails list. Please note: Show Detail must be checked in order to show times.
  6. When the avails list is displaying the desired information, click Copy to Clipboard.
  7. Go to your email or document and paste the avails list by either:
    • Using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V on Windows or ⌘+V on Mac.
    • Right-clicking, then selecting Paste from the context menu.

Your avails list will be pasted.