★ Making Your Account Your Own

Are you a new user in VenueOps? Let's walk through what you can do to get the most from your account!

Bookmarks and Mobile

The most important thing, of course, is to be able to easily get to your account:

  • On your computer, we recommend bookmarking the page you use most - for many users, this is the calendar. Log in, navigate to your favorite calendar view (month, grid, or day) and create a bookmark in your browser. We have instructions here.
  • On your phone or tablet, creating a home screen icon can make it easy to access your account on the go. Please see this article for step-by-step instructions.

Webinars and the Help Desk

Many venues will train you in VenueOps as part of your onboarding process; it is important to know how your venue is using VenueOps so that information is entered correctly and will flow into different parts of the program and reports correctly. We also recommend attending one of our regular workflow webinars to see an overview of best practices for your role — our webinar schedule is here. You are welcome to attend as many webinars as you wish!

In addition to our webinars, we have an extensive online help desk filled with strategy and how-to articles (you're in it now!). Look for the starred articles at the top of most sections for an overview; these articles link out to specific how-to articles. Need quick help? A search should find you the assistance you need. To access the help desk easily in the future, click the Help link in the left sidebar in VenueOps or go to https://help.venueops.com.

That being said, if you can't find an answer in our help desk, you are welcome to contact us. Unlimited support is included in your VenueOps subscription, and we love hearing from our clients!

Email Notifications

It's important to stay on top of what is happening in your venue, and email notifications in VeneuOps can help. We have notifications for events being booked, confirmed, changed, cancelled, and more; these notifications can be filtered by venue and also by only events you are assigned to (see this article). We also have various task notifications. You can set your notifications by clicking your name in the upper-left corner and selecting My Settings; see this article for instructions and more details.

User Defaults

Depending on your role, you are able to set various default settings, saving you clicks throughout your day. Most of the settings will save you time while booking events: visibility settings, times, rooms, space usage, and task templates. If you create event orders, we also have a default for you. To access your default settings, click your name in the upper-left corner and select My Settings. We have more information about each of the defaults in this section of the help desk.

Custom Calendar and List Views

Only users with the Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views permissions are able to create and edit views. All other users are limited to the views shared to their roles.

On the calendar, you are able to choose what information to show for each event, filter which events display, and also update the color coding. Make your calendar your own! You are able to save all these changes to a custom calendar view, viewable only by you. You can also have as many of these views as you wish.

Some articles to help you out:

VenueOps also has list views for Accounts, Contacts, Events, and Functions, and you are able to customize these views as well. Since the options are different for each view, we have a separate article for each one with more information:

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