Calendar Filtering Options

Permissions needed: Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views

This article walks you through how to filter your calendar - only displaying certain events based on their staff assignment, account, status, event type, room, etc. You may also:

  • Color code your calendar based on status, room, or event type. See this article.
  • Choose what information displays for each event as well as if events should span across days or appear as single-day events. See this article about display options.

You are able to save your changes to use again by creating custom calendar views.

To access the filtering options, click the filter_list filter icon in the upper right.

You may filter events by:

  • The staff person assigned to any of your staff assignments. This option allows you to see a view of "your" events.
  • The account associated with the events.
  • The overall status of the event. You can create a confirmed-only view, or even create an inactive view so that you can see released holds and lost business at a glance. Please note that this filter looks at the overall event status, not individual booked space statuses. If you are filtering by confirmed events and a confirmed event has a space which is still tentative, that space will still appear.
  • The contract status of the event. Want to check for confirmed events without a contract? Just filter by the confirmed status and then select all the contract statuses except Contract Signed.
  • The type(s) of events. You can create a view that only shows weddings, conventions, etc., or you could create a view that excludes a type that is not applicable to you.
  • The business classification(s) of events. This option will only display if your account uses business classifications.
  • The Misc field allows you to select whether or not you want to show internal events, blackouts, publicity dates (announce, on sale, pre-sale), and calendar notes.
  • The Finance field allows you to filter down to only events with outstanding balances and/or finalized events. Please see this article for more information on how event financials are calculated.
  • By room(s).

Once you have updated your filtering options, click Save.

If you wish to use this view again, don't forget to save the changes to your view after applying the filters! Click the save save icon in the upper left. If the view is locked, click the settings gear icon to open the view's slider, then the edit pencil icon, and temporarily unlock the view to save the changes. Don't forget to lock the view again!