Calendar Display Options

This article walks you through the display options for your calendar - choosing what information you will display for each event and if the event should show each day individually or span across days. You may also:

  • Color code your calendar based on status, room, or event type. See this article.
  • Filter which events and other information (internal events, blackouts, notes, publicity dates) show. Please see this article on filtering.

You are able to save your changes to use again by creating custom calendar views.

To access the display options, click the storage settings icon in the upper-right corner of your calendar.

Event Information

At the top of the Display Options slider there is a list of the available information which you can display for each event; simply check the items you would like to see on your calendar. Some notes:

  • The list of Staff Assignments will be a list of the staff assignments which have been created on your account.
  • Similarly, the Contact Roles are custom to your account.
  • Estimated revenue switches to actual revenue when the event is finalized. Please see this article for more information on event financials.

Single Day / Spanning / Condensed View

You may choose to view and manage your events as single-day events on the monthly and grid calendars, rather than as a single spanning event. If you book live events and manage holds, this will be your preferred view. In this view, you will be able to see the room status for each date, and on the monthly calendar you'll be able to drag-and-drop individual dates rather than moving the entire event.

Please note that if you are coloring by status, this setting will affect the color of your events! When viewing the calendar in single-day mode, each day will color by the "highest" room status for that day. When you are viewing with this off (multi-day events spanning), the event will color by the overall event status.

Please note that there is a View/Manage As Single Day Events setting for the monthly calendar and a separate one for the grid calendar.

On the grid view you'll also have the option of a Condensed view. In this view you'll see the number of bookings in each space on each day. Click on a day to open a slider and see a list of bookings for each day.

Saving Your Changes

Once you have updated your display options, click Done at the bottom of the display options slider. If you wish to use this view again, don't forget to save the changes to your view after applying the filters! Click the save save icon in the upper left-corner by the view drop down.

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