Using Event Adjustments (Webinar)

Recorded April 2022

In this in-depth webinar we will walk you through not only creating and utilizing event adjustments, but also the scenarios when you would use this feature instead of discounts, re-issuing an invoice, etc. We'll also share a checklist to make sure you have all the pieces in place before you create your first adjustment.

Checklist to start using adjustments:

  1. Discuss how adjustments will fit in to your existing financial workflow.
  2. Update permissions.
  3. Decide which document templates need to show adjustments and contact us to have them updated.
  4. Decide which reports and dashboards should include adjustments and contact us to have them updated.
  5. If you have a financial integration, contact us to discuss how it will need to be updated.

Would an audio transcript be useful? Want to follow along with the chat? View the webinar on Zoom.