Add Existing Events to a Series

Permissions needed:
  • Edit Event General Information for access to the slider.
  • Venue-Specific Access > Highest Booking Capability that includes the event's status.

If you have already booked events that should be part of a series, you are able to add them to either a new or existing series. Please note that inquiries cannot be added to a series.

  1. Open the Edit General Information slider. This can be done from the calendar or the event's details page.
    1. Click the event to open its summary slider.
    2. Click the more_vert menu icon.
    3. Click Edit Info.

    Click the edit pencil icon next to General Information.

  2. In the slider, type the name of the series into the Series field.
    • If the series already exists, the name will appear in the search results for you to select.
    • If the series does not exist, click Create '[Series Name]' at the bottom of the suggestion list.
  3. Click Save.

The event is now in the selected series. You will be able to see this from the summary slider... well as from the event's details page.

Clicking the name of the series will open the series summary slider. For more information, please see Series of Events.

If your event has multiple dates and each date should be an individual event in a series, you will need to rebook those dates as individual events. Need assistance? Please contact our Client Success team.