Adding Existing Events to a Series

If you have already booked events which are a part of a series, you are able to add them to either a new or existing series.

  1. On the calendar, click the event to open the summary slider. On the summary slider, click the menu in the upper-right corner and select Edit Info.
  2. Type the name of your series in the Series field.
    1. If the series already exists, the name will appear in the search results for you to select.
    2. If the series does not exist, when you tab or click away from the series field you will be given the option to create it. Click the create link under the field.
  3. Click Save, and your event will now be in the series.

Please note that if your event has multiple dates and each date should be an individual event in a series, you will need to rebook those dates as individual events. Need assistance? Please contact our Client Success team.

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