Editing Events in Series

You are able to edit the times, statuses, and names of events in series.

  1. If an event is in a series, the series will be listed on the summary slider... ...as well as on the event details page.
  2. You may view all of the events in the series by clicking the series name. In the upper right corner of the series slider, there will be two options for editing your series:
    1. schedule The Edit Times slider, where you can edit the times for all events or individual events, as well as edit the status for individual events.
      1. Click the schedule clock icon to update the time for all events.
      2. To edit the time or status for an individual booked space, click the time or status by that space.
      3. Don't forget to click Save when you have finished editing!
    2. The Edit Events slider, where you can edit the names of events and confirm or cancel them.
      You are able to update the name of your events, or update an event status to definite or cancelled. Once you've made your changes, be sure to click Save. Note: Updating the status here will update the status of the entire event, including the status of all spaces booked for the event. If you wish to update the status of individual spaces, use the Edit Times slider.

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