Edit Events in Series

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability that includes the events' statuses

We have two different sliders which allow you to make edits to events in series. While you can make these edits on each event's details page, doing so on these sliders allows you to update the same information across multiple events, or see your edits in the context of the other events in the series. In this article we'll give you an overview of the functionality in each slider. Click the accordion in each section for step-by-step instructions to use each slider.

In this article:

The editors can be accessed on either the series details page or the series summary slider. The series mass editor is on the Events tab, and the series edit spaces slider is on the Spaces tab.

To access the summary slider, go to the calendar. Click one of the series events to open its summary slider. In the slider, click the series name to open the series summary slider.

The quickest way to go to the series details page is via the global search:

  1. Click search Search in the left navigation.
  2. Make sure Search is selected in your filters.
  3. Type the name of the series and click the series in the list of results.

Series Event Mass Editor

The Series Event Mass Editor allows you to update event names, estimated attendance, and visibility settings. You can also confirm or cancel events, but you won't be able to override double bookings in this editor (use the Edit Series Events slider if that is needed). This slider is ideal for bookers who need to firm up a season schedule after receiving it from the league. You can update the event names, confirm or cancel event holds, and un-hide event details in a spreadsheet-style interface.

  1. On the Events tab of either the details page or the summary slider, click the list_alt mass edit icon.
  2. All events will be listed. Click a row to switch it from view to edit mode. (The edit pencil icon is there to show it can be edited, but you can click anywhere on the row to begin editing.) When editing an event, you can use the Tab key to move through its fields. If you tab to the next event, it will automatically switch to edit mode.

    You can also click the edit all icon to change all events to edit mode.

    If you have more than 100 events in the series, the Edit All icon will not appear. For those series, please use the Series Edit Spaces slider and edit them in batches ( see below).

  3. Edit your events:
    1. To undo any changes and return a row to view mode, click the undo arrow icon by a row to undo it or the red arrow button at the top to undo all rows.
    2. Edit the name of the event.
    3. The library_add_check batch edit icon allows you to set a single value to update all the events which are in edit mode at once. Click the library_add_check batch edit icon next to the field header you want to edit.
    4. Add or edit estimated attendance for the event.
    5. Update the status of the event. In this mass editor, you are only able to confirm, cancel, or mark as lost. You will also not be able to override double bookings. If you do see a warning, hover over the triangle for more information.
      For a more granular status editor, use the Series Edit Spaces slider.
    6. Check or uncheck Hide Event Details to show or hide the event's name and other details from staff without permission to view.
    7. Check or uncheck Show Name on Avails (If Confirmed) to show the event name on avails once the event is confirmed. Note that if the Hide Event Details setting is checked, the event name will not show on avails even if you check this setting.
  4. Once you've finished a group of edits, click Save to save your changes and continue editing, or click Save and Close to save your changes and close the event mass editor.

Series Edit Spaces Slider

The Series Edit Spaces slider has the same functionality as the Event Edit Spaces slider, except that there will be a card for each event. You'll be able to update rooms, times, usages, and status across all event booked spaces, for each event, for each event day, or for each booked space.

This slider is especially useful as things change or you get more information as the season progresses: changes to rehearsal rooms, actual times for locker rooms or donor spaces, having to move an event to a different room, and so on. You'll also be able to add dates to individual events. If you booked your events as single day and need to add the other days, you'll be able to make those additions to all events on this slider, without having to go to each event.

  1. On the Spaces tab, click the edit pencil icon.
  2. All active (not lost or canceled) events will be listed. Select the events you would like to edit, or click Select All to edit all active (not lost or canceled) events in the series. When you have selected your events, click Select.
  3. The chips at the top of the slider allow you to edit information on all events:
    • Click + Rooms to add rooms to all dates on all events.
    • Click Times, Usages, and Status to update that information for all booked spaces on the event.
  4. The chips in each event header allow you to add additional dates and rooms to the event, as well as update the times, usage, and status on all of the event's booked spaces.
  5. The chips in each day header allow you to add rooms to that date and update the time, usage, and status for all booked spaces on that date.
  6. Click the time, usage, or status on a booked space to update it.
  7. You may also change a booked space's room:
    1. Click the room name.
    2. Search or scroll to find the new room.
    3. Select the new room.
  8. To remove a room or date, click the X by it. If you remove all of the booked spaces in an event, it will be canceled.
  9. When all information is updated, click Save.