Copy a Saved View

Permissions needed: Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views

You are able to create a new saved view from an existing one, without having to select all the filter and display options again. You may wish to do this if you'd like a saved view which is almost the same as an existing one, or if the owner of a shared view is leaving the venue and their user account will be deactivated.

If the saved view's owner's user account has already been deactivated, you will need to briefly reactivate their account to select the view. The process below should take under five minutes, after which you should deactivate their account again.

To create the new view:

  1. Go to the page with the view you'd like to copy. In this article we'll be showing the Event List, but the instructions work for all pages with saved views.
  2. Select the view you'd like to copy from the view dropdown.
  3. Click the + plus by the saved view dropdown to open the Create View slider.
  4. In the slider, name the view and update the sharing settings as needed.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The new view will be created, will all filter and display options which were in use on the page at the time you saved the view. If you reactivated a user account to access the original view, be sure to deactivate it again at this time.