Why are icons missing from the application?

Are you missing icons throughout VenueOps? This could be the plus to add an event, the icon on the summary slider to take you to the event details page, the copy icon in various places, and more.

First, try a little troubleshooting. Note which internet connection you are currently using (such as your venue's ethernet/wifi) and then try to access VenueOps using a different internet connection. We recommend accessing VenueOps on your phone via your data connection. Make sure your phone isn't on your building's wifi!

If the icons are visible on the other internet connection, then your IT department may have application metering or a firewall in place that is blocking open-source assets from a third-party Content Delivery Network that VenueOps uses. Pass this article along to your IT department and request that these domains are whitelisted:

  • fonts.googleapis.com
  • fonts.gstatic.com
  • cdn.jsdelivr.net
  • beacon-v2.helpscout.net
  • cdn.polyfill.io

If you have further questions or if you are seeing this issue across internet connections, please don't hesitate to contact Client Success.