Inactivate a Series

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability that includes the events' statuses

Series are considered active as long as they contain active (not canceled or lost) events. If you wish to inactivate a series, you can cancel all events, mark all events as lost, or remove all active events from the series.

The easiest way to cancel all events or mark all events as lost is via the Series Event Mass Editor:

  1. On either the series summary slider or the series details page go to the Events tab.
  2. Click the list_alt mass edit icon to open the editor.
  3. Click the Edit All icon to put all events into edit mode.
    If the Edit All icon does not appear, there are more than 50 events in your series. Please use the Series Edit Spaces slider instead.
  4. In the header, click the pencil icon by Booking Status.
  5. In the pop up, select either canceled or lost.
  6. Click Fill.
  7. If you selected lost, the Reason Lost column will appear. Click the pencil icon to fill the same reason lost in each event, or select a reason on each event.
  8. When all events have the correct status and a reason lost, click Save & Close.
  9. All events are now inactive and the series has also been set to inactive.

To view an inactive series, use the global search (click Search in the left navigation to open the search slider). Be sure that you have selected both Series and Inactive in the filters. Click the series in the search results to go to its details page. Instructions for the global search are available in Using Search.

If you wish to re-activate a series, either un-cancel at least one event or book a new event in the series. To book a new event in the series, go to the Events tab and click the plus icon to open the Create Events in Series slider.