Calendar Notes: Add Notes

Calendar notes add information such as holidays or community events to the calendar without blocking space. They function as an FYI to bookers, sales staff, and other users.

Calendar notes are associated with a venue on your account. Users who can view events in that venue will also be able to view the venue's notes. Users who can book events in a venue are able to add, edit, and remove calendar notes.

If you need to make sure that space is not booked due to renovations, conversions, etc., you can book a blackout rather than using a note. Staff meetings, trainings, and other venue-related events can be booked as internal events. For more information, please see Blackouts and Internal Events.

To add a calendar note:

  1. Select the day(s) you would like the note to appear on. You may add notes to multiple days at once, but they are created as separate notes: they will have to be edited or removed individually.
  2. Click the insert_drive_file add note icon in the lower-right.
  3. In the Create Note slider:
    1. Add a title for the note. This is what will appear on your calendar.
    2. Add a description (optional). Users will see this additional information when they click on the note.
    3. Select which venue(s) this note applies to. All venues you have access to will be selected by default, but you can remove any that that do not need access to the note. At least one venue must be selected.
    4. Add more dates to your note by clicking + Dates.
    5. Remove any unneeded dates by clicking the clear.
    When all information for the note is correct, click Save.

To display your notes on the calendar, click the filter_list filter icon in the upper-right corner of your calendar. In the Misc field select Show Notes. For step-by-step instructions, see Calendar Filtering Options.

Your note(s) will display on the calendar.

Clicking a note will open its details slider, allowing you to see the full title, description, and applicable venues.