Uncancel a Function

Permissions needed: Venue-Specific Access > Detailing

If a canceled function needs to be uncanceled, its status can be updated in the same way that you canceled it: via the function mass editor or on the function's details slider. Finding the canceled function, though, can be a challenge! Canceled functions do not appear on the summary slider and they don't appear on Event Details > Detailing by default. In this article we'll help you locate the canceled function and then show you how to update its status.

Using the Global Search

If you know the name or unique ID of the function, you can find it in the global search:

  1. Click search Search in the left sidebar to open the Search slider.
  2. In the search filters, make sure both Functions and Inactive are selected.
  3. Type the name or unique ID of the function.
  4. Functions matching your search terms will appear; find the correct one and click it. You'll be taken to Event Details > Detailing tab and the function's details slider will open.

Displaying the Function on the Detailing Tab

You can also display the canceled function on the event details page.

  1. Go to Event Details > Detailing.
  2. Click the filter_list filter icon.
  3. In the Function Statuses field, select Canceled and click Set.
  4. The function will now display. Click the function name to open its details slider.

Uncancel the Function

To uncancel the function:

  1. In the function's details slider, go to the Info tab.
  2. Click the edit pencil icon by the status.
  3. Select the function's new status (Planning or Ready).