VenueOps and Integrations

VenueOps integrates with other best-of-breed software to streamline your workflow. We have several standard integrations, an API you can use to build your own integrations, as well as the option of a custom integration built and maintained by Ungerboeck.

Standard Integrations

VenueOps has several standard integrations:

  • DocuSign: Allows your clients to electronically sign contracts and other documents. See Send a Contract to DocuSign for an example of how this integration works.
  • Tessitura: VenueOps and Tessitura have built an integration which allows you to push performances created in VenueOps to Tessitura and then to pull high-level information from Tessitura to VenueOps for each performance. This allows you to capture attendance and ticket sales data from Tessitura in VenueOps for reference and ease in reporting, as well as automate data entry to save time and limit duplicate efforts. For more information see:
  • Client Payment Portal: VenueOps allows you to accept online payments for event deposits and invoices. See Accept Online Invoice Payments for more about how this is works in the app.


VenueOps exposes a REST API (Open API) which allows for integrations with our software. With access to our API, you can write your own integrations to read and/or write information directly to or from the VenueOps database. It uses the latest security to ensure a safe, fast experience.

Custom Integrations

The VenueOps solutions team offers custom integration services to build solutions for your specific needs. All custom integrations require consultation with our team to define a scope of work and level of effort for the project. Hourly fees are billed for the development of custom integrations, and an annual maintenance subscription is required for ongoing maintenance and hosting of the integration.

Next Steps

If you are interested in any of these integration options, please contact us.