Set Up the DocuSign Integration

System role needed: System Admin

Many venues use DocuSign to facilitate electronic signatures for their documents. With the DocuSign integration, you are able to send proposals, contracts, addendums, event orders, event summaries, and invoices to DocuSign with just a few clicks. Once all documents in an envelope are signed, the signed documents are returned to VenueOps. If proposals or contracts are signed, the contract status of the event will automatically update to reflect that the signed documents were received.

If you're interested in this integration, please contact us for pricing and more information. A DocuSign account is required to use the integration. This can be purchased through Ungerboeck or you can acquire one directly through DocuSign.

If you purchase a DocuSign account and envelopes through Ungerboeck, you will receive an email from DocuSign to finish the setup of your DocuSign account. The link in this email does expire, so please activate your account promptly. If you don't see the email, please check your spam folder.
DocuSign Account Tiers

Signed documents can be automatically returned to VenueOps using DocuSign's Connect feature. Connect is included in DocuSign Business Pro and Enhanced Plans. An add-on can be purchased for DocuSign Standard plans. DocuSign accounts purchased through Ungerboeck all include Connect. For more information about DocuSign Connect, please see Evaluating DocuSign Connect on the DocuSign support site.

Return Signed Documents to VenueOps

In order for documents to be returned from DocuSign to VenueOps, you must connect the two services so that DocuSign has the authorization it needs. You will create a Connect Key in your DocuSign account and then add it to your VenueOps account.

If there are multiple DocuSign accounts in use at your venue(s), you will need to add a Connect Key for each DocuSign account. Note this is not for each user — you can have multiple users on each DocuSign account.

To create the Connect Key and add it to VenueOps:

  1. Log in to your DocuSign account. In order to complete the following steps, you must have the DS Admin permission profile.
  2. In the top navigation, click Settings.
  3. In the left navigation of Settings, find the Integrations section. Click Connect.
  4. Click Enable Connect in the upper right corner. If the button is greyed and says Disable Connect, you're good to go.
  5. Go to the Connect Keys tab.
  6. Click Add Secret Key.
  7. Click the copy icon to copy the key. Be sure to copy it now! Once you move away from this page you won't be able to retrieve it. We recommend pasting the key temporarily into a note-taking app in case you get interrupted and it is removed from your clipboard.
    If you miss your chance to copy the key, you can remove it and create a new one.

  8. Go to VenueOps. In the upper-left corner, click on your name and select System Admin.
  9. In System Admin, you should be on the Settings page. Go to the Integrations tab.
  10. Click the edit pencil icon by DocuSign Connect.
    If you don't see the DocuSign Connect card, the integration may not be enabled. Please contact Client Success for assistance.

  11. Check Connect.
  12. Paste the connect key from DocuSign into the Connect Key field.
  13. To add additional connect keys, click + Add Connect Key.
  14. Click Save.

The DocuSign integration is now fully set up and documents can be sent to DocuSign and signed documents will be returned to VenueOps. For more information about using the integration please see Send a Document to DocuSign.