★ Development Roadmap

We are always working to make VenueOps the best venue management software available. We work in sprints, usually focused around one to three major new features. Depending on the scope of those features, we'll also include improvements to current features and workflow, as well as small tweaks throughout the program. And of course we're squashing every bug we find!

In Development

In VenueOps 35 we set ourselves the big task of updating the front end framework of the application for speed, responsiveness, and modernization. Since this involves touching everything in the front end of the program (that's the stuff you see in your browser), we're taking the opportunity to internationalize VenueOps so it can be translated into other languages. We anticipate that between development and testing this will take two to three times as long as our normal release cycle. While we will be fixing any bugs that come to our attention, we won't be including any new features in this release.

VenueOps 35 Preview

At long last - VenueOps 35 is here! In this webinar from Tuesday, December 10, get a tour of the new VenueOps and see what has changed.

On the Blog

Take a tour of the calendar and event details page!

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