★ Development Roadmap

We are always working to make VenueOps the best venue management software available. We work in sprints, usually focused around one to three major new features. Depending on the scope of those features, we'll also include improvements to current features and workflow, as well as small tweaks throughout the program. And, of course, we're squashing any bug we find!

Latest Update

March 2022 Update: Improved Document Management, Event Adjustments, and More

In Development

Series, Filtering, and Reorganizing System Admin

Coming in our next update:

  • The existing series feature provides a lightweight way to group related events. Due to popular demand we are adding some additional functionality to series:
    • Series details page with series notes, series documents, and visibility into event tasks.
    • Ability to mass edit specific event information across the series.
    • Ability to mass edit booked spaces across events in the series.
    • Ability to search for series.
  • We are adding some additional filtering options on the calendar and Event List views. These include Invoice balance due, Invoice Sent status, and Event Finalization status. The Finalization status can also be displayed on both views. We will also be adding relative date ranges to the Event List filter options, allowing the creation of rolling lists of events relative to the current date.
  • Tax Exemption is currently an all or nothing setting on accounts. We will be adding the ability to mark specific tax types exempt or non-exempt in order to handle more complex tax scenarios.
  • In the Inventory and Pricing area, we are adding the ability to copy a package in order to save time when building them out.
  • The System Admin area has continued to grow with VenueOps as new features are added. We will be doing some re-organization and minor enhancements here.