★ Development Roadmap

We are always working to make VenueOps the best venue management software available. We work in sprints, usually focused around one to three major new features. Depending on the scope of those features, we'll also include improvements to current features and workflow, as well as small tweaks throughout the program. And of course we're squashing every bug we find!

Latest Release

Released June 12: June 2020 - Financial Workflow Updates

In Development

Coming up in our August 2020 update:

  • You've been asking, and now it's coming - an in-browser PDF viewer for documents so you can preview before (or instead of) downloading.
  • You will be able to add more than one price schedule to an event. This will reduce the burden of having to add all pricing to every price schedule and will allow departments (such as catering or AV) to create and maintain their own price schedules without having to coordinate with other departments.
  • Your clients will be able to pay their invoices via credit card.
  • We are adding more options to avails, including the ability to add a header with your logo and information.
  • Accounts and contacts will now be able to have multiple phone numbers and email addresses, as well as admin-defined types.
  • Plus more tweaks and bugfixes!

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