Insights Document Template Library

Welcome to the Insights Document Template Library! In VenueOps, a document template is a standard document format that generates a document which includes information from the event's details. For example, an invoice template will include your logo and contact information; when you generate the invoice it will also be populated with any charges, payments, and so on from the event. Document templates can be created for proposals, addendums, event orders, invoices, event summaries, post event reports, and estimates.

The library exists to share standard template options which have been developed based on extensive industry experience. These can be requested and added to your account. Minor configuration is available; our Client Success team will work with you to review the configurable areas to create the most effective document for your venue.

Event Orders
Event Order (BEO) – External
For venues that have F&B and will have detailed F&B Functions. This document will benefit clients with the breakdown by date and then function for easy visibility.
Event Order – Internal
This is a good starting point for multi-space/multi-day events that have moderate detailing including packages, items and instructions. This would be the main document used by any/all departments.
Event Order – Internal Sporting Event (Single Day)
For venues that have tenant sport teams, single day arena shows, and detail more heavily with instructions than items, this configuration can work well to show high-level details. This document is intended to be shared across all teams within an organization and does not filter out any items or instructions.
Event Order – Internal PAC (Single Day)
This is a great starting point for a PAC to see a snapshot of a single-day Broadway run with an instruction set and items in use. This would be the primary document for all departments.
Full Cost Estimate
This proposal is shared with a customer prior to contracting to indicate the initial event timeline, rental costs, item costs, labor costs, and to share some initial contracting terms in order to move the event forward into the contracting phase.
Full Marketing Proposal
The Full Marketing Proposal is less “tabular” and is more of a story-telling piece. It is typically used by venues that do many private social events like weddings and other celebrations.
Standard Invoice – Detailed (using Invoice Schedule Template)
This is used for collecting deposits or invoicing after an event for final amounts due using Invoice Schedule Templates.
Event Summaries
Event Schedule Summary
When working with multi-day events, it is especially helpful to have a document where you can see the full event schedule. The Event Schedule Summary provides a high-level overview of the timeline of the event. This document can be used for single-day events as well.
Holds Confirmation Summary
Many times after you have booked an event on your calendar the promoter or event booker will want to see the current status of their spaces. The Holds Confirmation Summary provides a breakdown of all the spaces within your venue that are being reserved for their event and the current status of that booked space.
Series Holds Confirmation Summary
The Series Holds Confirmation Summary provides a breakdown of all of the spaces within your venue that are being reserved for each event day along with the current status of that booked space.
Venue Rental Addendum
The addendum template is used to communicate changes to booked spaces after contracting has already taken place, such as when event dates have been changed (due to a cancellation or rescheduling need) or additional spaces were added after contracting. Both you and the client would sign the document agreeing to the updated spaces and rental rates. Addendums are typically thought of as supplementary to the contract as all original contracting language, terms, and conditions are still in place.
Post-Event Reports
Non-Ticketed Post-Event Report
Many venues host events that have a standard post-event report to share with staff. VenueOps has a post-show reporting feature which can be used for non-ticketed/non-live entertainment events as well. This template has been configured to show only estimated and actual attendances for the event along with the note set that was added to the post-event report on the event's details page.
Ticketed Post-Event Report With Revenues
Following a concert or other ticketed event, most venues will complete a post-event report. This template has been configured for those venues that would like the financial tracking of individual shows to be shown alongside the standard post-event notes.
Ticketed Post-Event Report Without Revenues
Following a concert or other ticketed event, most venues will complete a post-event report. This version has been configured for those venues that would like to show only post-event notes but not share any finance-based information.
Event Estimate
This document has a function schedule and a breakdown of event costs split between venue rental and item charges. This estimate can be used when clients would like to see an updated estimate on event charges that includes any payments and available credits that have been put towards event costs.