★ Exhibitor Ordering

The Exhibitor Ordering component of VenueOps is designed to allow you to manage any order requirements the exhibitor has from the venue. For example, if an exhibitor requires power and IT services, these can be assigned and invoiced by the venue within the software. Additionally, we also offer the ability to take the ordering process online via the VenueOps Exhibitor Store, so the exhibitor can choose the event they wish to place an order for, select their requirements and even pay with a credit card, greatly reducing any double handling that traditionally had to take place between the venue and the exhibitor.

Set up your Account

Before you're able to accept exhibitor orders, you'll need to do some account setup:

  • Our client success team will enable the feature on your account (if you are interested, please contact us).
  • Designate certain event types as using the feature (See Add, Edit, and Remove Event Types).
  • Create exhibitor price schedules containing the items available for this event. You may wish to have a price schedule for all your exhibitions or copy one which can be customized for each event. You can also have advance price schedules, standard price schedules, etc -- all of which can then be configured on the event.
  • Contact the client success team to create exhibitor invoice and exhibitor service order templates.
  • If you will be using online ordering, you will also need to:

Configure an Event

Once your account is set up, you'll be able to configure individual events for ordering. You'll be specifying the dates of the exhibition (if they are different from the event), when the online store closes, and choosing the invoice and service order templates. You'll also want to choose one or more price schedules and specify when each one is effective. For step-by-step instructions see Configure an Event for Exhibitor Orders.

Take Orders

You are able to take exhibitor orders within VenueOps (payment will, at this time, need to be processed externally) or via the online Exhibitor Store. For more information:

  • To take orders manually within VenueOps:
  • To take orders online see Make an Exhibition Live on your Website. When an order is placed online via the exhibitor store, the order is added to the exhibition in VenueOps, an invoice is created, and a payment is created and allocated to the invoice.

You are able to see a summary of all your orders on the Orders tab on the event details page. You can:

  • Search for a specific order by exhibitor name, order number, or online order number.
  • View order details by clicking on the order number.
  • View exhibitor, invoice, and payment details by clicking on the exhibitor name.
  • Download all service orders for the event by clicking the cloud_download download icon.

Fulfill Exhibitor Service Orders

You may download exhibitor service orders individually or download all orders for an event. You may also download all orders over a date range.

  • To download the service order for a single order, open the order details slider (on the Exhibitions or Orders tab) and click the cloud_download download icon. Select Download Service Order.
  • Exhibitors are able to attach documents when they place their order in the online store. To download the attachment, scroll to the bottom of the order details slider and click on it.
  • To download all service orders for an event, go to the Orders tab and click the cloud_download download icon.
  • Your operations staff will be able to download all exhibitor service orders for a date range on the Events List page.