Configuring an Event for Exhibitor Ordering

  1. On the event's details page, go to the Exhibitor Ordering tab and click Configure Exhibition.
  2. Enter the start and end date of your exhibition - these are the dates which will display in your exhibitor store for this exhibition. in addition, if you are tracking stock levels, these are the dates for which the items will be considered in use.
  3. Enter the last date to order as the store close date, and add a closing time as well (optional). The is the date and time when the event will no longer display on your website.
  4. Choose the invoice and service order templates you would like to use for this event. If no templates are listed, please contact the Client Success team to have them added.
  5. If the event should be available at this time on your website for ordering, select Available for Ordering? Note that you will need to select price schedules before orders can be placed.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the plus by Price Schedules.
  8. Select a price schedule from the drop down.
  9. Enter when the price schedule should become active. A date is required, but a time is optional (if you don't enter a time, it will become active at midnight). The price schedule will stay active until another price schedule's start date or the store close date.
  10. Click Save. You may also add additional price schedules as needed.
  11. Your exhibition is ready to go! Contact Client Success for an iframe which can be embedded on your website and will list all available events. When you would like to post this event, click the pencil by Setup and check Available for Ordering? You may also share the direct link to this event with your client, which they can pass on to their exhibitors.
    Note: In order to accept online orders, you will need to set up a payment gateway.

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