Making an Exhibition Live on Your Website

To list an exhibition on your website, it needs to be ready for ordering. Make sure that:

  • The Available for Ordering? checkbox is checked.
  • The store close date is in the future.
  • A price schedule has been assigned to the exhibition and its start date is effective now.
  • You have set up a payment gateway on your account.

To check the first three items, go to the Exhibitors tab on the event's details page. The Available for Online Ordering? checkbox and the store close date can be edited under Setup, and price schedules can be added (click the plus) or edited (click the price schedule) on the right.

You will have to be a System Admin to set up a payment gateway. To check if this is set up yet, click on your name in the upper left corner and select System Admin. In the system admin section, go to the payments tab and click the link there. You'll be taken to the payments app where you'll see if a payment gateway is set up and, if not, add those settings. We have step-by-step instructions here.

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