Adding a Function

Functions are specific parts of your event that happen in a specific place at a specific time, such as breakout sessions, meals, performances, etc. You may also create no-room functions for schedule items that aren't specific to a certain place in the venue, such as when to open the building doors.

What about those instructions or items (such as building wi-fi, parking, or security) which are not specific to a function but pertain to the overall event? You would enter those items and instructions in the event-wide details at the top of the detailing page. These can be added at any time, even before you've built out any functions.

If you would like to add one function per booked space (if the spaces booked reflect the event schedule), click the function fill icon. This creates one function for each booked space. The time of the function will match the booked space's time. If the room setup or attendance was added to the booked space, it will be assigned to the function as well. The function fill button is at the top of the function list on the detailing tab of the event details page.

Please note that it will only fill spaces with no functions - if you've already created a function for a space, another one will not be created.

Another way to add a lot functions at once is via the mass editor - there's a mass editor on the event details page as well as on the calendar. The mass editor has a spreadsheet-like interface that allows you to quickly tab through each field. If you're adding a schedule via no-room functions, we recommend the mass editor. Step-by-step instructions are here.

To add an individual function:
  1. Click the plus by the space on the day when you would like to create a function.
  2. Name the function.
  3. Confirm this is the correct room. All rooms booked on the event will be listed, or you can select "no room". If a combo room is booked on the event, its member spaces will also be listed.
  4. Confirm the date and time of the function. The start and end times default to the time the space is booked for, but you can update it as needed.
  5. Add the room setup and attendance, if you know them at this time.
  6. If you would like this function to display on the calendar, check Show on Calendar?
  7. If this function is a performance, check Performance?
  8. Add a room diagram by clicking Upload a Room Diagram or drag and drop the file into the box.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Your function has been added.
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