Adding and Editing Functions with the Mass Editor

An easy way to build out the schedule for your event is with the function mass editor. It has a spreadsheet-like interface which allows you to tab quickly from field to field.

Using the Mass Editor
  1. You can mass add/edit functions on the event details page or on the calendar. Click the mass edit icon in the function header on the detailing tab of the event's details page, or... Click the function edit icon on the event's summary slider on the calendar.
  2. Any existing functions will be listed. Click Add Function to add additional rows.
  3. Add or edit the name of your function.
  4. Select the location of your function or, if this is a schedule item which isn't specific to a room, choose No Room. Only rooms booked for this event will be listed; if a combo room is booked, its member rooms will also be listed.
  5. Enter how the room should be set up (optional). As you type, previously used room setups will be suggested.
  6. Enter the date of the function. If it is all day, check all day, or add the start and end time (end time is optional). If you select a time or date which is outside of the contracted space (listed on the Booking > Spaces tab), you will be warned, but you are still able to save your function.
  7. Add/edit the Agreed, Expected, and Guaranteed attendance (these fields do not appear on the calendar mass editor).
  8. Check Cal? if you would like this function to display on the calendar views.
  9. If this function is a performance, check Perf?
  10. Once you've added or updated all your functions, click Save.
  11. The functions will be listed, grouped by day and then room. If any functions were scheduled for outside the booked space, they will be listed at the top. To remove the warning, the space can be updated on the booking tab to include the time for which the function is booked.

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