Editing a Function

You are able to edit functions in several places.

Editing functions with the Mass Editor

An easy way to build out the schedule for your event is with the function mass editor. It has a spreadsheet-like interface that allows you to tab quickly from field to field. For more information about editing functions using the mass editor, please see this article.

Editing an individual function

On the event details page, you can also edit individual functions. To edit a function:

  1. Click the function to open its details slider.
  2. On the details slider, click the edit pencil icon.
  3. You are able to edit various items:
    • Function name
    • Room the function is booked in (only rooms booked on the event will be available)
    • Date and time of the function
      Please note that if you schedule the function for a date/time which the room is not booked, you will be warned. You may save your changes, but we recommend updating the event's booked spaces as soon possible. The function will display with warnings until that is done.
    • Room Setup
    • Function Status: When functions are created, they will default to the Ready status. You can change this from the User Settings page. Each user has their own default function status setting. For more information, please see this article.
    • Select or edit the function type (optional) if your account has them enabled. Please see this article for more information on managing function types.
    • Agreed, Expected, and Guaranteed Attendance
    • Whether you would like to view the function on the calendar (this setting is account-wide and will affect all users who are viewing functions on their calendar)
    • If this function is a performance, check Perf.
      With our latest update, you have the ability to select a function type (if enabled on your account by your system admin). Currently, the performance checkbox is not tied directly to function types. Please continue to select the performance checkbox for any functions you would like to flag so you will have access to the features in this article.
    • Add or update a room diagram

Once you've made your changes, click Save.

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