Release 28 - Exhibitor Ordering


Exhibitor Ordering

We are pleased to release Exhibitor Ordering! This component of VenueOps is designed to allow you to manage any order requirements the exhibitor has from the venue. For example, if an exhibitor requires power and IT services, these can be assigned and invoiced by the venue within the software. Additionally, we also offer the ability to take the ordering process online via the VenueOps Exhibitor Store, so the exhibitor can choose the event they wish to place an order for, select their requirements and even pay with a credit card, greatly reducing any double handling that traditionally had to take place between the venue and the exhibitor. To check out the exhibitor ordering workflow, please see this article.

If you are interested in adding the Exhibitor Ordering module to your account, please contact


  • You are able to add a stock level to each inventory item. If you do this, you will be able to run a report to see which items are over-allocated each day. For more information, see this article.
  • Bookers can now see the Event Orders tab.
  • We will always display a red warning triangle if you are booking any event where there is already a confirmed event, rather than just displaying the status in red. For an overview of conflict checking in VenueOps, please see this article.
  • You are able to designate items as active or inactive for specific price schedules. Please note that when you add new items to your inventory, they will be inactive by default in all price schedules. To use new items, you will need to go to the price schedules and activate them. We've updated the Adding and Editing Pricing for Inventory Items article to reflect this.


  • We've updated the iCal feeds:
    • If your account has a non-midnight start of day, all day events will now show on both dates they are actually booked on, except in Google calendar.
    • Events which have the "hide details from non-bookers" setting on will now display in the iCal feed, but the only information which will display (regardless of feed settings) will be the rooms, time, and status. The event name will display as "event".
  • In Artist Research, some artists with short names were not searchable because of other artists incorporating the same words (for example, "Red"). Exact matches for your search will now display at the top of the results list.
  • Users with only the Director of Events or Event Coordinator roles were unable to set default rooms.
  • We removed the "change quantity with attendance" option when adding items to event-wide details.
  • In Chrome, long item names were compressing the price and cost fields when editing item prices in price schedules.
  • We are now only displaying event dates in search results, due to issues with how the time displayed on multi-day events.
  • Contact and account lists will now export more than 1,024 entries.
  • We've updated the text of the account merge warning to indicate that notes are saved from both accounts.

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