Add an Exhibitor to an Event

To add an exhibitor:

  1. Click the plus on the Exhibitors tab.
  2. Add the exhibitor and contact.
    • Start typing to search.
    • If this is a new exhibitor or contact, type in the complete name and then tab or click to the next field. Click the Create link.
    • If you are adding a new contact, fields for their information will appear. Only an email address is required, and contacts must have a unique email address. While address and phone are not required, be sure to add them if you would like them included in order invoices.
  3. You may add a booth number if you know it at this time.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The exhibitor and contact been added to the exhibition. If you created a new exhibitor or contact, you have also added them to your exhibitor database, and they can be added to other exhibitions without having to be created again. If an exhibitor orders via the online Exhibitor Store in the future, their order will be matched to an existing contact if the email address is the same. Exhibitor and exhibitor contacts will not be included in your account and contact lists.

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