Add an Exhibitor Order

To add an order for an exhibitor:

  1. Click the exhibitor to open their details slider (if you don't see them in your list, see this article for instructions to add them to the event).
  2. Click the plus by Orders.
  3. Update contact information and/or booth information as needed.
  4. Select the correct price schedule. The drop down will default to the currently active price schedule (as configured on the Setup tab).
  5. Click Select Items to add items to the order.
  6. Click an item in the list on the left to add it to the right column and thus to the order. A quantity and price are required. Any prices added to the price schedule will be pulled in here, but can be overridden. When you've selected all your items and added their information, click Select Items.
  7. If you are receiving payment at the time of ordering, click Add Payment.
  8. Add the amount of the payment and date of payment, plus a reference number or any notes. Click Save.
  9. To complete the order, click Save. The invoice and service order are being generated at this time, so it may take just a second or two to finalize - the spinner will let you know it's working.
  10. The order has been added.
  11. To download the invoice or service order, click the download icon in the upper right corner of the order slider.
If you are using the online Exhibitor Store, the orders will automatically be added to the event's order list. Any exhibitor contacts who are already in your database will be matched based on email address, and any new exhibitors and contacts will be created.

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