Add a Published Calendar to Outlook

You can add calendar feeds from VenueOps to Outlook. To do this, you will need the feed's URL. (For more information on that, please refer to Publish Your Calendar.) Outlook for Mac does not support Internet calendar subscriptions at this time; you will need to use Google or Apple Calendar if you are using a Mac. Outlook generally will update when it checks email, and you can force it by clicking "send/receive." See Outlook Support.

  1. Go to Calendar > Home and select Open Calendar > From Internet.
  2. Paste the iCal URL into the field (right click and select Paste or Ctrl+V) and click OK.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Rename the calendar if you wish, and be sure to uncheck the update limit box. Click OK.
  5. Now click Yes.
  6. Your calendar will now be in Outlook.