Tax Exempt Accounts and Events

The tax exempt status of an event is controlled by the tax exempt status of its account. If the account is marked as tax exempt, no tax will be charged on any items or rental even if taxes are applied in the price schedule.

You mark an account as tax exempt on its details page. To get to the account details page, you can click on the account name on the event details page:

Or click on the account name in the account or event list view:

  1. On the account details page, click the edit pencil by General Information on the Info tab.
  2. Check Is Tax Exempt?
  3. Click Save.

This account's events will not be charged taxes. The account will also be labeled as tax exempt on the event details page and the event summary slider.

On the event details page

On the event summary slider

If an event had taxes applied in error, first mark the account as tax exempt and then refresh the price schedule (instructions here). The taxes will then be removed from the event. At the same time, though, all cost and prices will be re-imported from the price schedule; you may wish to screenshot the pricing before you refresh the price schedule so you can fix any pricing which was changed.

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