Place a House Hold

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability that includes the event's status

When booking an event, you may wish to place a hold which encompasses your entire venue. The way this is normally done in VenueOps is to select all of the rooms in that venue:

This would mean, though, that you would need to send avails for all of those spaces, which we know you don't want to do! Instead, we can set up your account in a way which represents how you book your venue. We'll do this by renaming your main space and creating a combo room which encompasses the entire venue. Since this situation is mostly for arenas, we'll use that as our example.

First we'll rename your current Arena room to Arena Floor. You'll book in this room when you're booking practices, open skates, or other events where the other rooms in the venue can be booked.

Then we'll then create a combo room called Arena (the full name of your arena, such as VenueOps Arena, as this will be the name visible on avails). You'll book in this room when you want to hold the entire venue.

Once this setup is complete, you can send avails for just the VenueOps Arena room. Because this is a combo room, any events booked in the ancillary spaces (the ones which are grayed in the picture above) will also display on your avails.

In addition, anyone booking an event on the same day as your house hold in any of the ancillary spaces will either receive a double booking warning or will have a hold rank after your house hold.

If you book your entire venue combo for an event, you are able to create a function in any member room for those smaller related items such as a meet and greet, intermission activity, and so on.