Finalizing an Event

Once all charges have been applied to an event, you may finalize it. Click the Finalize Event button on the Financials > Summary tab:

In the event's activity log, we track when it is finalized (and also if it is un-finalized):

You can be notified when an event is finalized. Click on your name and go to My Settings to add a notification, or see this article for step-by-step instructions.

Once an event is finalized, several things happen:

  • The event's bookings and financials are locked. You are still able to create invoices and add additional revenue, but you are not able to:
    • make any changes to booked spaces or event status
    • change the rental rates
    • make any changes to functions or event-wide details
  • On the calendar, actual charges will display instead of estimates
  • The event's contract status will switch to its payment status

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