Manage Announce, On Sale, and Pre-Sale Dates

Permissions needed:
  • On an event: Live Entertainment > Edit
  • On a series: Live Entertainment > Edit on at least one of the events in the series

The announce date, on sale date, and pre-sale dates for an event or series can be added to Momentus Elite and displayed on the calendar. They can also be pulled into reports as needed. Series dates are specific to the series and event dates are specific to the event.

Announce dates have a megaphone icon, while on sale and pre-sale dates have a ticket icon. Pre-sale dates also display the name of the pre-sale. Series icons are an outline while event icons are solid.

If you don't see the Announce/On Sale Dates section on an event or series, the event's type has not been designated as a Live Entertainment type. See Manage Event Types for more information.

To add, edit, or remove dates from an event or series:

  1. Go to the summary slider or details page for the event or series.
    1. Click an event to open its summary slider. The event dates can be edited near the bottom of the Info tab.
    2. To open a series summary slider, click an event in the series to open its summary slider. Click the series name. The series dates are edited on the Info tab.
    1. Go to the event's details page.
    2. Click Live Entertainment.
    3. If no live details have been added to the event yet, you will need to click Set Live Details.

    The quickest way to go to the series details page is via the global search:

    1. Click search Search in the left navigation.
    2. Make sure Search is selected in your filters.
    3. Type the name of the series and click the series in the list of results.
  2. Click the edit pencil next to Announce Date/On Sale Date to open the Edit Dates slider.
  3. In the slider, update the announce date and/or on sale date as needed. Times are optional and can only be added if dates are specified. If a date or time is no longer needed, was added in error, etc., you can click the clear icon to clear the field.
  4. Click + Pre-Sale Date to add the fields for a pre-sale date. In addition to start and end dates, pre-sale dates also require a name (e.g., VIP Presale, Spotify Presale, etc.). You are able to add multiple pre-sale dates. If a pre-sale date needs to be removed, you can click the clear icon to remove it.
  5. You can also add a publicity note (optional).
  6. When you are done updating the event's publicity dates, click Save.

To display the publicity dates on the calendar, click the filter_list filter icon, select Show Announce Dates / On Sale Dates from the Misc dropdown, and click Set. Be sure to save your view by clicking the save save icon by the view name in the upper-left corner of your calendar!

For step-by-step directions, please see Create a Custom Calendar View.