Adding Flash Report Information to Performances

For each of your performances, you are able to track flash report information:

  • Gross Ticket Sales
  • Average Ticket Price
  • Total Tickets Sold
  • Total Comps
  • Drop Count
  • Per Cap. Food & Beverage
  • Per Cap. Merchandise

The information for each performance is then aggregated into event totals.

To add a performance to your event, create a function and flag it as a performance. You can do this on either the event details page or the event's summary slider on the calendar. Please note that to have the performance flag and the flash report, the event must have a type that has Live Entertainment features turned on. For more information on event types, please see the full article.

To add flash report information:

  1. On the event's details page, click Live Entertainment.
    1. Click Set live details.
    2. The Edit Dates slider will open. Click Cancel to close it.
  2. Click the edit icon next to Performances.
  3. A spreadsheet-style mass editor will open, allowing you to tab from field to field adding the information for each performance. Once you've added all of your information, click Save.

Your flash report information is saved. A summary for each performance is displayed in the left column, and the event totals are displayed in the right.

The totals for average ticket price, per cap food & beverage, and per cap merchandise are a weighted average if you have entered the tickets sold for each performance. To calculate that average we multiply the average ticket price by the tickets sold for each performance and then total those amounts. We then divide that amount by the total number of tickets sold across all performances.

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