Add Tax ID Numbers to Accounts

Permissions needed: Accounts & Contacts > Edit

You are able to track the tax ID numbers (EIN, VAT number, and so on) for your accounts via the Tax ID and Secondary Tax ID fields. If you will be using both tax ID fields, we recommend establishing a best practice in your venue as to which ID goes in which field, as the captions on these fields cannot be updated in the app.

These IDs be added to your invoices and other templates, and on your documents they can be labeled as you wish. Contact us if you would like to add tax ID numbers to your templates.

To add an account's tax ID numbers:

  1. On the account's overview page, click the edit pencil icon by General Information.
  2. Add the numbers to the Tax ID and Secondary Tax ID fields and click Save.
  3. The tax IDs have been added.