Adding Notes to Items

If you have notes specific to an inventory item for the event, they can be added to the item on the event's detailing tab.

  • If you have notes that you would like to be added to every event, they can be added to item in the inventory library. This is especially useful for dinner menus, as you can list the standard menu in your library and then the catering manager can update it as needed on the event. For more information on adding items to your library, see this article.
  • If you have more general instructions for a department or general event notes, see this article.

To add notes to an item:

  1. On the event details page > detailing tab, click Event-Wide Details or the function name to open the details slider.
  2. Click the item to open its edit slider. If you haven't added the item yet, see this article for instructions.
  3. In the Edit Item slider, add your notes in the Notes field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The notes will display on the function's details slider, and can be pulled into your event documents.

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