Adding an Artist to an Event

You are able to add an event's artist to the Live Entertainment tab on the details page. This allows you to report on events by artist (regardless of the actual event name).

When you add an artist, the artist database will be searched and suggestions given. By choosing an artist from the database, that artist's events are easily found across VenueOps accounts — this is important if your venue is part of a venue management group which does reporting at the corporate level. If the artist is not found, we add them to your local account database and they'll be suggested in future searches. This ensures that if you wish to report by artist all associated events will be found.
The event must have a type that has Live Entertainment features turned on. For more information on event types, please see the full article.

  1. On the event's details page, click Live Entertainment.
    1. Click Set live details.
    1. The Edit Dates slider will open. Click Cancel to close it.
  2. Click the edit icon next to Artist.
  3. Start typing the name of the artist into the field. Suggestions will display as you type. Click the name of the artist to attach them to the flash report.

    Be sure to select the artist from the drop down whenever possible. This will ensure that the artist name is entered consistently and your reports will contain correct information.

    If your artist is not suggested:

    1. Click away from the artist field. A notice will appear that your artist cannot be found.
    2. Click Ok.
    3. The artist will be added to your local database and will be available to select in the future.
  4. Click Save.

Your artist information is saved.

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