Release 30 - Accounts Receivable Overhaul

We've had many requests for expanded functionality for invoicing and payments, so in this release we've completely overhauled the accounts receivable system to make these features happen. These changes allow you to:

  • Include more than one event on an invoice
  • Invoice more than one account for an event
  • Apply a payment to more than one invoice on an account
  • Create and apply account credits

VenueOps is also better structured for integration with external financial systems.

We've outlined the changes you'll see and the additional features in accounts receivable in this article - please do click over! We'll also be hosting a webinar to explain the changes and walk through the new workflows on Wednesday, November 28 at 3pm EST. Even if you aren't able to attend, go ahead and register and we'll let you know when the recording is posted on the help desk (update: it's posted here).

These changes will also affect templates and financial reports. We have the fixes ready to go, but we need to roll those out manually once the release is out. Everything should be complete by the end of the business day, but if you hit something that you need, please don't hesitate to contact our Client Success team.

While we were updating...

Since we working on the financial system, we took the opportunity to do more updates and improvements:

  • We've developed a workflow which allows you to invoice for deposits. We'll be covering this in the webinar on 11/28, and documentation is on its way the workflow is also outlined here.
  • Payments can now have types. These will need to be added by your account admin (see this article).
  • When you're booking an event, we'll let you know if the account has a balance.
  • Payment schedule items now have a name. Because this is a new field, we've named any existing payment schedule items "Scheduled payment". You can edit that!
  • If you work with events once they're finalized, we've added a couple features for you:
    • You can now receive a notification when an event is marked finalized (click your name in the upper left corner and then My Settings to access notifications).
    • Calendars and the event list may now be filtered to only show finalized events.
  • When items are added to events, they can now be marked as unbillable. This is for items which you need for the event but will not be billed and you do not wish to list on proposals, contracts, invoices, etc. They will be listed on event orders.
  • Room rental rates may now be assigned a GL code per rate. Previously, one GL code was assigned to all rental in a price schedule.We've updated our rental rates article to reflect this.

Other New Features and Improvements

  • If you are using staff assignments, you can now get a notification when you are assigned to an event. Click on your name in the upper left corner and click My Settings. In your notifications, select Event Assigned to Me.
  • You are now able to track an event's artist on the Live Entertainment tab. See this article for more information.
  • Released holds will now be displayed on the summary slider. Click the copy to clipboard icon to paste a list into an email or other document.
  • Announce and on sale dates will now display in the grid and day views - they'll be with the notes. Be sure that they are selected in the filtering options!
  • Events now have a field for the event website URL. You can add that in the General Information section of the event's details page.


  • The last room rate for a room can no longer be removed from a price schedule.
  • Publicity dates were showing on calendar exports, even if they weren't shown in the calendar view.
  • If a event was booked with a definite status, the Any Event Booked Tentative was sending a notification.
  • If you update the date, time, or room on an event, the Any Booking Date or Room Changed notification was sending two emails.
  • The formatting for the account description was a bit wonky.
  • The monthly calendar would "jump" a little when you made edits on the summary slider. This was because of the way it was redrawing when notes were displayed. We've fixed it!
  • If you include the legend on your avails, it will now display your custom status names.
  • Accounts which have a non-midnight start of day could not add an event on the day view which was between midnight and their start of day.
  • The day view was also having display issues when viewing across the time change for daylight saving time.
  • Inactive price schedules were being listed in the price schedule shortcut when you add items.
  • The event order template wasn't displaying on the event order tab -- it's back now!
  • GL codes did not update if you chose to refresh information when changing an event's price schedule.
  • Task Types, Market Segments,and Lead Sources: if you update the name of one of these (say to fix a typo), various drop downs and filtering options were updated with the new name. The new name is not updated on the tasks and accounts, though, so items with the original name could not be found. The original name now listed in your filtering options so that you can find those items.

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