Create an Account Credit from an Overpayment

Permissions needed: Edit Payments & Credits

If an account has overpaid for an event, you may wish to create a credit on their account and issue a credit memo. To create a credit:

  1. Go to the payments section on either the:
    • Account details page > Financials tab.
    • Event details page > Financials > Payments.
  2. Click a payment that has unallocated funds to open its details slider.
  3. Click Create Credit.
    This cannot be undone! If in the future the credit is removed, the payment will not and cannot be updated, and this balance will not be added back to the account.
  4. On the Create Credit slider, today's date and the unallocated amount of the payment will be auto-filled. If the payment was associated with an event, the credit will retain that association. Make any updates, add a credit type (if your account has them), and add a note (optional).
  5. Click Save.
  6. To download or email a credit memo, click the credit to open its details slider.
  7. Click the mail envelope icon to email the credit memo from Elite, or click the cloud_download download icon to download the document to your computer.

The payment's slider will show the amount that has been credited to the account.

The credit will also be listed on the account's Financials tab.