Uploading a Document

If you have the booker, director of sales, sales manager, or event coordinator role you are able to upload documents to accounts and events.

  1. Click the + plus on the:
    • documents tab on the event details page
    • documents tab on the account details page
    • documents slider in the calendar summary slider
  2. Add your document by clicking Upload a document or by dragging and dropping the document into the box. You can do this multiple times to upload multiple documents or drag-and-drop multiple files, at once.
  3. If you would like everyone to have access, leave All Roles checked. If not, uncheck All Roles and the list of roles will appear. Check the roles you want to be able to access the document(s) you are uploading.
  4. Click Save.

Your document will be uploaded with access granted to users with the selected roles. The document will not be visible to users without those roles.

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